3 Tips On Making Healthy Living A Part Of Your Child's Life


It's your job as a parent to look out for your child's best interests and to help them make the best choices. When it comes to talking about weight and related issues, however, it can be difficult to address the issue without causing hurt feelings. Below are three tips on how you can make healthy living a natural part of your child's life.

1. Encourage Your Child to Cook With You

Children—even teenagers—learn best by doing. To teach your kids about healthy eating habits, ask them to cook with you a few times each week.

It's important for children of all ages to understand where their food comes from and how their eating habits affect their lives. When you make your child part of the cooking process, it'll be much easier to discuss such topics with them without them becoming defensive or getting their feelings hurt. During this process, you'll be able to teach your child about portion sizes, food groups, and eating in moderation.

2. Make Exercise a Family Activity                  

When you make exercise a family activity, you're providing your child with an example of how to live a healthy, active life.

You may not think so, but what you do as a family will stick with your child for the rest of their life. When you exercise as a family, you show your child that exercise isn't a punishment. You can help your child to find activities that they love and show them that regular exercise can be simple and fun.

3. Watch What You Say About Your Own Body

There is more to being a healthy weight than just eating right and exercising. It's also important that your child knows how to accept their differences and embrace who they are.

Your child will do as you do, not as you say. If your child is used to seeing you speak ill of your appearance, they'll do the same to themselves as they grow older. Instead, embrace your positive attributes and teach your child how to do the same with their own. While it's okay to acknowledge that there are aspects of yourself that you'd like to change, it shouldn't be your main focus.

Remember that when it comes to learning healthy habits, doing them together will have a much greater impact on your child than just talking about them. To learn more about how to talk to your kids about healthy habits, consult with a doctor at a clinic like Summit View Clinic


29 February 2016

Working With My Doctor

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